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Pipe Fittings Decor Caelus


The only benefit to have over ten thousands is I can get whatever I want from the warehouse. In June, it is still HOT here in Taiwan, I get some products and trying to make some Industrial products. Be honestly,

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How your Vanity Top come

How a Vanity top to make

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Water Saving from one touch

Do you have any trouble to use a cleaning drinking faucets in the kitchen or washing hand in the rest room? How often do you change your aerators ? See how dirty it is, if you do not change your

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Get free gift at National Hardware Show in Las Vegas 2018

Our hot selling product, the owl anti slip tapes. Many consumers bought this cute tapes home, one for bath room safety reason, the other is for cute design, isn’t it? We have our own designer for the patterns. Engineer for

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Elegant faucets and showers

Watching HGTV is what we usually do during our weekends, every time we saw  people find their dream house, maybe re-decorate their houses, maybe repair constructions. We are enjoying the process very much. Sometimes we would have new product ideas,

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Are you satisfied with your showers?

A plumber may use pipe cutters and wrenches many times a day. A house wife cook and wash pets daily. No matter what you do for life. Taking showers probably is the most joyful time we enjoy everyday. Do you?

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Caelus Tree Pruner

This is our product testing for the tree pruner. It was cloudy while we were in the field. So the light is not good to show the product. We apology for this. The key for easy cut is we use

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