Taking Shower is joyful action after a tired day. It is a normal thing now, have you image taking showers was a difficult before. I believe that the prototype of shower is the Waterfall.The movement of waterfall would create the ions. Mostly people think the ions would be a good thing to people.

Now days we do not need to go to the mountain and we can enjoy the ions from showering. We do not need o know the theory of this, we could just enjoy the pleasure while showering. Choosing best shower for you is much important than know how the ions occurs.

In the plumbing systems now, you only need to choose a classic shower arm, maybe the slide bar, a flexible shower arm. The next is head shower, or the rain shower. If you want to create a safety environment you can buy a LED shower head or a LED temperature indicator. A metal shower hose is much durable to use. With a matching hand held shower to deco your bathroom. Also if you have more budget, you can install the body message room.

Stylish and functional shower head is important. Now days the DOE or the California have more critical rule for the water consumption. To us, I surely understand no one want to sacrifice the feelings that Water flowing all your body. Especially if you are located in dry area.Thank to the technology, we have many solution to this. Air injection shower head is the most popular shower in the market. It can make the saving water and water flowing more efficiently.

The Nebia shower is the example, and it surprise industry. it is on kick start now.

The Nebia Shower – Better Experience less 70% water

If you think it is expensive, you can also choose other products on Amazon as long as you feel comfortable.



Caelus is a start up company, with many experienced staff. We want to use simple design to make everyone enjoy the best living. Eco Friendly material, no waste package and many types of house hood products to create your life.

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