How to Choose Mixer Valve

There are many  types of mixer valves in the market, how to choose a good mixer valve for yourself and family.

  1. For safety, if you have young kid or aged adults, would you please consider to use a Thermostatic Mixer Valve or a pressure balanced mixer valve. Why is it? Because  young child’s skin is thinner than a grow man, it is dangerous for them to use a UN safety mixer while showering. To aged adults, their sensitive on skin is degenerated, it is possibility for them to keep turning water to hot place. It would cause dangerous also.
  2. You need to choose a valve with matching certificate                                                                 e.g., ASME A112.18.1 , ASSE 1016 or other kind of certificate. All importers or retailers should discourse these information.
  3. If you installed a whole mixer valve by yourself, would you please NOT to adjust the parts on the cartridge. It might be a comment which control the flow of hot water.
  4. If you buy a  Thermostatic Mixer Valve, ensure to maintain  the temperature cartridge routinely by a qualified plumber.

There are many products in the market have same function, like a LED shower which must be with hot water indicator, or LED thermometer which could be attached on a shower arm.

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