MircoBubble applications

A MircoBubble tech is a widely used for many industrial applications, like sewage disposal, ecological restoration, aquaculture, soilless cultivation and cultivation.
There are many videos on youtube show lots of applications. Most of them are used a “power” system, in briefly, they need a pump, a engine to put the air into the water.
Our generator is the non power design, which would be save lots of money on installing/repairing/maintaining the system.

Why we use the MircoBubble product, and what is the MicroBubble?
The so-called micro-nano bubble refers to the diameter of the bubble occurred at about 10 microns to hundreds of nanometers bubble, this bubble is interposed between the micron and nano bubble, bubbles are not available with a conventional physical and chemical properties .
Nano micro-bubbles produced technology is occurred in late 1990s, the first finder is Japanese scholars Takahashi and in the early 2000s in Japan has been vigorous development, the manufacturing method includes cutting cycle, dissolved under pressure, electrochemistry, pore pressure, jet mixing, etc., can produce nanoscale microbubbles under certain conditions.
In the past twenty years nano-microbubbles technology applications and perform around aquaculture, soilless cultivation, fruit and vegetable washing, bathing care, ecological restoration wastewater treatment and ship drag.

The oil ,dirty, bacteria will be attached on the bubble and take them away from your cloth, body ,food and so on. Also we can add the generator to many related plumbing system, We can use less chemical stuff in your kitchen, laundry, soap in bathroom.

You could find the link from the following videos, ours current product is on the left side. We are proud to let you see that our product performance is the better than most of product in the market.


Caelus is a start up company, with many experienced staff. We want to use simple design to make everyone enjoy the best living. Eco Friendly material, no waste package and many types of house hood products to create your life.

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