Home Safety – Safety In Your Bathroom

A grab bar and a anti slip tape even a bathmat can help you to avoid from the falling hazard.We can buy these products easily from the supermarket or a hardware stores.

However,the most important lesson is how to choose the products to meet your need.

First of all, you need to understand who in your family need the products, your parents or your children even yourself.

We are getting old and old each days, it is reality. Maybe you are still strong and can play football, there is risk to get hurt. Maybe you hurt your angle during your jogging in the morning.

Anyway, grab bars would be the most useful equipment in your home.

You can use it to help you stand up from a tub, toilet easily. The child could hold it also while in a bath . Once you slip unexpectedly,  you can hold the garb bar also.

There are couple types of garb bars in the market, we call “drilled into the wall” and suction type.

According to ADA(American Disable Association), a Drilled into the Wall type is the only approval by ADA from my knowledge. ADA has a strictly requirements about this, such as materials, the flange of the plate and the loading capacity. In briefly a consumer need to pay attention on is

1st if your house is a drywall, you need to mount the garb bar on to a brace between the wall stubs. In this way, it will ensure that the weight of the user is well supported.

2nd you need to ensure what you buy is 100% made in SS 304 at least. You can read these information on the package easily all distributor or brands knows this. An ADA compliant would be shown on the package.

A suction type garb bar is just used for assistance purpose in your daily life. ALL SUCTION products will be fallen one day, you need to understand this. Normally a suction type garb bar is only use for convenient. We do not need to drill the wall, we can move the location to use easily to meet our needs. For kids to use in the bath tub maybe a good idea, but we do not suggest you to use for grown man all the time, there are couple things you need to consider,

1st you have to always to read the indicator on the garb bar to see if it is on duty or not, once it turns to red, please don’t use it, install it again.

2nd no matter how much loading capacity it is, would you please do not trust them  all the time, because the suction function would be effected by the air, temperature, humid, even your tile after installing.

Anti Slip safety tapes is common to use in your humidity bathroom also, we strongly suggest that you need to buy this and changes it every 6-9 months to keep your bathroom safe.You can place them in your bathtub, on your floor, or in front of your lav. Sink.

A good plan to buy and install what you need is the most important, do not forget that.



Caelus is a start up company, with many experienced staff. We want to use simple design to make everyone enjoy the best living. Eco Friendly material, no waste package and many types of house hood products to create your life.

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