Your Home Safety

Protect your treasure

Falling down on the floor happens all the time in daily life, bathroom, floor, kitchen even in your garden. Bath room is the most dangers place that we all should pay attention on. There is chance for Kids, the old adults even grow man to fall down in a bathroom.

Nothings can compared to cherish your family. Protecting them to keep danger away is what we need to do.

Creating and maintains a safety environment is your responsibility.

The first thing we need to do is

Not to rush, remember this never rush them. Leave more time for you. Maybe 10 minutes, 5 minutes earlier then your original plan. Once people feel nerves, there is a risk occurs.

Keep your floor dry and clean. Putting your sundry in your Storage place. Cleaning your storage place all the time. There should not be extra stuff on your floor, stairs. A Drying floor is also important no matter in your living room or bath room. If there is a water on the floor, there is a chance to fall.

Creating your safety word is a good thing to do first, install a grab bar, bath tub garb bar, maybe a shower chairs. Getting a bathmats in your shower room, anti slip tapes on the floor or bath top is a good choices. Using Anti-slip tape on the stairs and your garden deck.

Let us know how we could help you.







Caelus is a start up company, with many experienced staff. We want to use simple design to make everyone enjoy the best living. Eco Friendly material, no waste package and many types of house hood products to create your life.

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