You can throw your old lopper away

If your lopper is designed extendable, there is big chance that the handle could be broken like mine. To Pros, there is huge possibility that the blade could be damage. Our design, you can just switch the blade.As a Pro, you

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New Product – Swivel Misting Cooling System

The Mist Cooling Nozzles never meets your needs? We make a small change to meet your needs, come and leave message for our new products. Do not worry if you are individual user, we not only ship to whole sellers,

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Taking Shower is joyful action after a tired day. It is a normal thing now, have you image taking showers was a difficult before. I believe that the prototype of shower is the Waterfall.The movement of waterfall would create the

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Are you satisfied with your showers?

A plumber may use pipe cutters and wrenches many times a day. A house wife cook and wash pets daily. No matter what you do for life. Taking showers probably is the most joyful time we enjoy everyday. Do you?

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Caelus Tree Pruner

This is our product testing for the tree pruner. It was cloudy while we were in the field. So the light is not good to show the product. We apology for this. The key for easy cut is we use

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New shower is Launched

One year design took us lots efforts. Finally we got our new shower design. 1 function, 3 function is available. You can visit us at booth number 1618 NHS 2018 in Vegas. contact us for more details.

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How many faucets do you have in your house? How often you clean or change your faucets? To a 4 people Family, you should have at least 3 faucet in your kitchen and bath room, maybe more. You can drink

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Bath Safety – The Grab bar Shower set

We just launched the new Garb bar set for better Home Safety. A grab bar integrated with special slider and hand shower set, ensuring safety and comfort in showering. Ideal set for use by the elderly and the handicapped The

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